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World Tax Advisor 12 April 2019

World Tax Advisor 12 April 2019

World Tax Advisor 5 April 2019

World Tax Advisor 29 March 2019

World Tax Advisor 22 March 2019

World Tax Advisor 15 March 2019

World Tax Advisor 8 March 2019

World Tax Advisor 1 March 2019

World Tax Advisor 22 February 2019

World Tax Advisor 15 February 2019

World Tax Advisor 8 February 2019

The World Tax Advisor 8 February includes in particular:

  • Peru: Income tax regulations updated to implement significant tax changes in Peru
  • Belgium: ATAD interest deduction limitation rules apply as from 1 January 2019
  • Botswana: Transfer pricing, interest deductibility regimes enacted, IFSC regime amended
  • Denmark: Guidance issued on extension of interest exemption under thin cap rules
  • European Union: European Commission requests Germany to revise exit tax rules
  • France: Digital services tax proposal to be presented to parliament
  • Portugal: 2019 budget law contains corporate, individual and indirect tax changes
  • South Africa: VAT e-services regulations amended
  • Thailand: International Business Center regime enacted

World Tax Advisor 1 February 2019

World Tax Advisor 25 January 2019

The World Tax Advisor 25 January includes in particular:

  • Mexico: Tax authorities issue rules for tax offsets and incentives for taxpayers in northern border region
  • Bulgaria: 2019 tax law changes include partial implementation of ATAD 1
  • Finland: Changes expected to tax treatment of certain fund types
  • Germany: New administrative quidance issued on deviations from arm’s length principle
  • Ireland: Guidance issued on VAT compensation for charities
  • Korea: 2019 tax reform includes rules to improve efficiency of tax law
  • Romania: New interest deduction limitation rules in effect
  • Switzerland: Referendum to be held on corporate tax reform bill
  • United States: Finland regulations released on transition tax
  • Tax treaty round up

World Tax Advisor 18 January 2019

The World Tax Advisor 18 January includes in particular:

  • Italy: Italy’s 2019 budget law introduces new digital services tax
  • Australia: Simplified transfer pricing record keeping options updated
  • British Virgin Islands: Legislation on economic substance passed
  • European Union: European Commission considers process of making EU tax policy
  • Italy: Legislative decree transposing EU ATAD includes significant changes to tax law
  • Mexico: Tax incentives granted to taxpayers in northern border region
  • Mexico: New decrees may give rise to constitutional challenges in court
  • Netherlands: 2019 tax package enacted
  • United Kingdom: New compliance facility introduced for diverted profits tax
  • United Kingdom: Review of corporate intangible fixed assets regime
  • Uruguay: Guidance on CbC reporting requirements issued

World Tax Advisor 11 January 2019

The World Tax Advisor 11 January includes in particular:

  • France: Finance law for 2019 implements ATAD 1 measures, changes tax consolidation rules
  • Bermuda: Legislation on economic substance passed
  • China: Final IIT regulations revise draft rules
  • Colombia: Tax reform legislation includes progressive reduction in corporate income tax rate
  • European Union: Commission concludes state aid investigation of Gibraltar
  • Japan: Diet approves 2019 tax reform proposals
  • Luxembourg: Law implementing ATAD 1 published in official gazette
  • Netherlands: List of low tax jurisdictions published
  • Romania: Tax on financial assets of banks introduced
  • Saudi Arabia: Draft zakat regulations released for public comment
  • Sweden: New penalty introduced for FATCA/CRS reporting violations
  • Sweden: Server can be considered a permanent establishment
  • Uruguay: Requirments relating to free zones modified


World Tax Advisor 21 December 2018

The World Tax Advisor 21 December includes in particular:

  • Saudi Arabia releases draft transfer pricing regulations
  • Belgium: Transfer pricing documentation deadline extended
  • Cambodia: 2019 tax law changes would distinguish between legal and “physical” persons
  • Cyprus: CbC reporting deadline extended
  • European Union: CJEU rules German RETT intragroup exemption in line with EU state aid rules
  • Finland: Final interest deduction limitation rules include changes to group ratio rule
  • Greece: Capital tax exemption introduced for capital investments in R&D
  • Italy: Tax amnesty introduced for taxpayers to settle their tax positions
  • Malta: EU ATAD implemented into domestic law
  • Netherlands: New income thresholds for highly skilled migrants
  • Sweden: New precedent on taxation of stock options


World Tax Advisor 14 December 2018

The World Tax Advisor 14 December includes in particular:

  • News Luxembourg government coalition agreement includes CIT rate reduction, other tax measures
  • Brazil: Access to mutual agreement procedure expanded
  • Colombia: Guidance issued on procedure for filing CbC report
  • Costa Rica: New law makes broad changes to corporate tax rules, introduces VAT
  • Finland: Corporate income tax proposals would affect LLCs, group contribution regime
  • Malaysia: Social security coverage extended to foreign workers, including expatriates
  • Malta: Guidelines on tax treatment of distributed ledger technology assets issued

World Tax Advisor 7 December 2018

The World Tax Advisor 7 December includes in particular:

  • Barbados IBC and ISRL regimes to be abolished and no new licenses to be granted
  • Malaysia tax bills include BEPS measures, some Budget 2019 measures
  • Australia: Draft compliance guidelines on inbound distribution arrangements issued
  • Bahrain: MOF provides update on VAT implementation
  • China: Requirements for foreign investors to benefit from deferral of dividend WHT relaxed
  • Germany: Finance ministers of federals states reach agreement on tightening of RETT rules
  • India: ITAT rules on proof of residence for salary exemption for work performed overseas
  • Sweden: Parliament adopts proposal to amend CFC legislation

World Tax Advisor 30 November 2018

The World Tax Advisor 30 November includes in particular

  • Colombia’s 2019 finance bill proposes significant tax reforms
  • Bulgaria: Mandatory transfer pricing documentation requirements proposed
  • China: Tax exemptions granted for bond interest derived by foreign institutional investors
  • India: Back office support services subject to 18% GST
  • Isle of Man : Draft legislation on company economic substance published
  • Netherlands: State Secretary of Finance announces new tax ruling practice
  • OECD: Guidance released on MLI-synthesized tax treaty texts
  • Thailand: Transfer pricing law enacted
  • United States: Proposed regulations released on new business interest expense deduction limitation


Steuertermine im Dezember 2018

Am 17.12.2018 sind ua fällig:

  • Umsatzsteuervorauszahlung für Oktober 2018.
  • Kapitalertragsteuer für Kapitalerträge aus
  • Forderungswertpapieren für Oktober 2018.
  •  Normverbrauchsabgabe für Oktober 2018.
  •  Elektrizitäts-, Kohle- und Erdgasabgabe für Oktober 2018
  • Werbeabgabe für Oktober 2018.
  • Lohnsteuer für November 2018.
  • Kommunalsteuer für November 2018.
  • Zuschlag zum Dienstgeberbeitrag für November 2018.
  • Sozialversicherung für Dienstnehmer für November 2018.
  • Dienstgeberbeitrag zum Familienbeihilfen-ausgleichsfonds für November 2018.
  • U-Bahn Steuer für Wien für November 2018.
  • Abzugsteuer gem § 99 EStG für November 2018.

Zum 31.12.2018 laufen ua folgende Fristen ab:

  • Arbeitnehmerveranlagung für 2013.
  • Rückerstattung für zu Unrecht einbehaltene Abgaben gem § 240 BAO beim Abfuhrpflichtigen für 2018 bzw beim Abgabepflichtigen für 2013.
  • Energieabgabenrückvergütung für 2013.
  • Ende der siebenjährigen Aufbewahrungspflicht für Bücher, Aufzeichnungen und Belege des Jahres für 2011 (Frist für Immobilien: 22 Jahre), sofern diese nicht für anhängige Verfahren benötigt werden.

Bei Bilanzierung zum 31.12.2018 sind ua mit Jahresende fällig:

  • Verrechnungspreise bei Konzernumsätzen über EUR 750 Mio: Mitteilung an das Finanzamt betreffend Country-by-Country Reporting.
  • Auftragsforschung: Mitteilung an den Auftraggeber bei Inanspruchnahme der Forschungsprämie.