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World Tax Advisor 25 September 2020

World Tax Advisor 28 February 2020

The World Tax Advisor includes in particular:

  • Featured Articles: New version of Venezuelan tax code includes changes to exemptions, tax administration
  • Australia: Superannuation guarantee amnesty bill passed by parliament
  • Canada: Taxpayer victory in Alta case leaves important questions unanswered
  • Cayman Islands: Cayman Islands included on EU list of noncooperative jurisdictions
  • Germany: BFH rules on application of RETT intragroup exemption clause
  • Guernsey: New company tax return form requests information on economic substance
  • Israel: Tax authorities confirm applicability of preferred technological enterprise status
  • United States: Updated IRS forms implement centralized audit procedures for partnerships
  • Venezuela: VAT law amended to introduce “additional rate” for payments in foreign currency
  • Tax treaty round up: Recent developments with respect to the following tax treaties: Armenia-Denmark, Armenia-Malta, Cyprus-Kazakhstan, Ghana-Malta, Indonesia-Singapore, Ireland-Netherlands, Korea (ROK)-United Arab Emirates, Liechtenstein-Lithuania, and Mauritius-Senegal.

World Tax Advisor 6 December 2019

World Tax Advisor 12 July 2019

World Tax Advisor 3 May 2019

World Tax Advisor 16 November 2018

The World Tax Advisor 16 November  includes in particular

  • Finland proposes changes to CFC rules based on EU ATAD
  • Egypt: Updated transfer pricing guidelines issued
  • European Union: Directive allowing reduced VAT rates adopted
  • European Union: Namibia removed from EU list of
    noncooperative jurisdictions
  • Guernsey: Draft regulations on company economic
    substance published
  • Hong Kong: Discussion paper released on proposed
    tax exemption for investment funds
  • Italy: Tax authorities clarify VAT grouping
    rules and VAT treatment of transfer
    pricing adjustments
  • Peru: Due date extended for filing CbC report
    for FY 2017
  • South Africa: SARS proposes penalty for failure to
    file income tax returns
  • United Kingdom: Public consultation on proposed digital
    services tax launched
  • United States: Deadlines to request competent
    authority assistance in transfer pricing


World Tax Advisor vom 27.7.2012

Der World Tax Advisor vom 27.7.2012 behandelt insbesondere:

  • Singapur: Ein Zuhause für Milliardäre und Superstars
  • Argentinien: Beendigung der DBA mit Chile und Spanien mit Wirkung ab 2013
  • China: Richtlinien zur Bestimmung des Beneficial Owners
  • Frankreich: Vorschlag zur verpflichtenden Benützung der Standard-Prüfungs-Vorlage für Steuerzwecke
  • Polen: DBA mit Jersey in Kraft, DBA mit Guernsey ratifiziert
  • Russland: Vorübergehende Quellensteuerbefreiung für Eurobonds