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World Tax Advisor 3 April 2020

The World Tax Advisor includes in particular a special COVID-19 section:

World Tax Advisor 4 October 2019

World Tax Advisor 18 January 2019

The World Tax Advisor 18 January includes in particular:

  • Italy: Italy’s 2019 budget law introduces new digital services tax
  • Australia: Simplified transfer pricing record keeping options updated
  • British Virgin Islands: Legislation on economic substance passed
  • European Union: European Commission considers process of making EU tax policy
  • Italy: Legislative decree transposing EU ATAD includes significant changes to tax law
  • Mexico: Tax incentives granted to taxpayers in northern border region
  • Mexico: New decrees may give rise to constitutional challenges in court
  • Netherlands: 2019 tax package enacted
  • United Kingdom: New compliance facility introduced for diverted profits tax
  • United Kingdom: Review of corporate intangible fixed assets regime
  • Uruguay: Guidance on CbC reporting requirements issued

World Tax Advisor 11 January 2019

The World Tax Advisor 11 January includes in particular:

  • France: Finance law for 2019 implements ATAD 1 measures, changes tax consolidation rules
  • Bermuda: Legislation on economic substance passed
  • China: Final IIT regulations revise draft rules
  • Colombia: Tax reform legislation includes progressive reduction in corporate income tax rate
  • European Union: Commission concludes state aid investigation of Gibraltar
  • Japan: Diet approves 2019 tax reform proposals
  • Luxembourg: Law implementing ATAD 1 published in official gazette
  • Netherlands: List of low tax jurisdictions published
  • Romania: Tax on financial assets of banks introduced
  • Saudi Arabia: Draft zakat regulations released for public comment
  • Sweden: New penalty introduced for FATCA/CRS reporting violations
  • Sweden: Server can be considered a permanent establishment
  • Uruguay: Requirments relating to free zones modified


World Tax Advisor 20 July 2018

The World Tax Advisor 20 July 2018 includes in particular:

  • Guidance reinforces requirements to establish beneficial ownership status in Russia
  • State tax implications of US Wayfair decision for non-US companies
  • Chile: Tax reform bill will include measures on taxation of goods/services sold online
  • India: AAR and tribunal address what constitutes a PE
  • Ukraine: Consequences of transactions with residents in low tax jurisdictions clarified
  • United Kingdom: New treaties signed with Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey
  • Uruguay: Guidance issued on compliance obligations of digital services providers
  • Tax treaty round up
  • Global tax alerts

World Tax Advisor vom 26.4.2013

Der World Tax Advisor vom 26.4.2013 behandelt insbesondere:

  • Brasilien: Reformbemühungen bei der Besteuerung von zwischenbundesstaatlichen Transaktionen (ICMS)
  • China: Ausdehnung der Pilotprojekte zur Umsatzsteuerreform auf überregionale Ebene unter Einbeziehung weiterer Industriezweige
  • Frankreich: Finanzministerium erlässt Richtlinien betreffend Zusatzabgabe auf Dividenden (Klarstellungen betreffend Betriebsstätten und Steuergruppen)
  • Griechenland: Neue steuerliche Dokumentationsverpflichtungen betreffend Ausländerstatus
  • International: G20 Kommuniqué betreffend Informationsaustausch und neue OECD Reports (E-Commerce, Hybridinstrumente, Verrechnungspreise) in Ausarbeitung
  • Luxemburg: Automatischer Informationsaustausch auf Basis Zinsbesteuerungsrichtlinie
  • Malta: Update DBA-Netzwerk (Bahrain, Hong-Kong, Saudi Arabien, Schweiz, Uruguay)
  • Russland: Verlängerung der Fristen zur Verrechnungspreisdokumentation
  • Schweiz: Festhalten an bilateralen Steuerabzugsabkommen bestätigt

World Tax Advisor vom 27.1.2012

Der World Tax Advisor vom 27.1.2012 behandelt insbesondere:

  • Frankreich: Sparpaket beschlossen
  • Argentinien: Ausweitung von Steueranreizen
  • Malta: Steuerliche Entwicklungen 2011
  • Panama: Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen mit Luxemburg in Kraft
  • Saudi Arabien: Neues Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen mit Bangladesch in Kraft
  • Uruguay: Neues Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen mit Deutschland in Kraft