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Further simplifications for deferral of tax prepayments and social security contributions

In order to support Austrian companies in those difficult times, the Federal Ministry of Finance and the social insurance agencies published alleviations for the deferral and reduction of tax prepayments and contributions (of which we have already informed you, see BTN no. 1/2020). The Ministry of Finance and Social Security Institutions (ÖGK) now provide new options for payment deferrals in order to enable a quick and efficient proceeding. Continue reading Further simplifications for deferral of tax prepayments and social security contributions

World Tax Advisor 19 October 2018

The World Tax Advisor 19 October includes in particular:

  • Aligning R&D arrangements and transfer pricing for MNEs operating in China
  • Australia: Tax cuts brought forward for companies with turnover under AUD 50 million
  • Australia: Black economy measures draw a wide net
  • Denmark: Significant changes to CFC legislation proposed
  • El Salvador: Tax authorities update tax haven guide
  • Malta: Rules from EU VAT package on e-commerce implemented
  • Netherlands: Amendments announced to 2019 tax package
  • OECD: Residence and citizenship by investment schemes posing CRS avoidance risk identified
  • Thailand: Lower VAT rate extended for another year

World Tax Advisor 8 June 2018

The World Tax Advisor 8 June 2018 includes in particular:

  • European Commission releases detailed proposal for definitive VAT system
  • Denmark: Proposed changes would bring thin capitalization rules in line with CJEU decision
  • France: Courts clarify criteria for determining whether permanent establishment exists
  • Malaysia: GST expected to be replaced with sales and services tax
  • Singapore: Removal of intellectual property income from existing tax incentives
  • Thailand: Guidance issued on tax treatment of cryptocurrency
  • Global tax alerts

World Tax Advisor vom 13.1.2012

Der World Tax Advisor vom 13.1.2012 behandelt insbesondere:

  • Kanada: Höchstgericht für die Anwendung von steuerlichen Anti-Missbrauchsvorschriften
  • China: Richtlinien zu Steuerbefreiungen beim VAT-Reform-Pilotprojekt in Shanghai
  • EU: Vorschläge der Kommission zu grenzüberschreitenden Erbschaftsteuerproblemen
  • Indien: Liberalisierung bei ausländischen Investoren
  • International: Änderung bei Umsatzsteuersätzen für 2012
  • Korea: Änderungen bei der Besteuerung von grenzüberschreitenden Transaktionen
  • Südafrika: Neue Dividenden-Steuer
  • Thailand: Senkung des Körperschaftsteuersatzes
  • Vietnam: Klarstellungen zu Steueranreizen